Network Equipment

Network equipment is just as crucial a selection as is the selection of your network server. At MIS Solutions, we can provide all the expertise you will need to get your network up and running or to reconfigure your present network. We do this by providing all the equipment options and helping you to decide what works best for your configuration. From hubs to switches, or routers to wireless - we can provide you with everything you will need to complete the project. Give us a call to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy you help you.

DRS & Backups

Backups are a critical piece of your overall IT infrastruture that are often overlooked. With virtualization becoming the standard in most IT environment MIS Solutions has leveraged Veeam as vendor of choice to backup our customers' critical data. Veeam has a great linup of products allowing us to manage all our customrs' backup needs in these virtualized environments with a single solutions.

Phone Systems

Business phone systems are often the backbone of a company's communication platform. MIS Solutions, LLC offers unmatched expertise in the design, installation, and management of business phone systems. Our clients rely on us for the highest levels of products and services from our trained and certified technicians. With solutions from Cisco, 3CX and Microsoft's Skype for Business we are able to provide a wide range or option for you business environment


Laptops are difficult to choose because of the integrated nature of the technology. There are so many different models all appearing very similar, if not identical. At MIS Solutions, we can navigate the maze of options and configurations to help you select the laptop that is just right for you or your company. As a Dell Premier Reseller we can provide top quality laptops at very competitive prices. Let us help you and you will not be disappointed.


The selection of a server is a crucial one that will affect most aspects of your business. We at MIS Solutions are very skilled and capable at helping you make the right choice. We can provide a custom-built, hand-assembled system meeting every specification. Or, we can provide a name brand server meeting all those same specifications at a very competitive price. Give us a call, we are happy to discuss your requirements and configure a server that meets all your expectations while keeping within your budget.


As a Dell Premier Reseller MIS Solutions can deliver quality and features from the top computer manufacturer in the industry, in addition we are able to provide quality local service and support. A recent survey by PC Magazine rated local computer providers, in most categories, as the best option for service and support. We at MIS Solutions are dedicated to you and the swift, timely repair or replacement of your computer equipment.

We order all our systems to order within strict guidelines, which gives us a much higher success rate than our competitors. We can build a single PC for a home or small office user or supply an entirely new office with PC's and all the related equipment. We would be happy to assist you by becoming your hardware provider of choice for all your PC and other hardware needs. Give us a call; we are happy to give pricing and warranty information.