Network Management

Your network is crucial to your business. If it is unreliable, you are unable to function at full strength. We at MIS Solutions possess a thorough and extensive knowledge of networks and their underlying systems. We can provide a network that works for you and not against you. Through the evaluation of your current network setup, we can assess any current network bottlenecks that can cause not only poor performance, but also other components to malfunction.

Once a network becomes unreliable, users are less like to rely on it, which in turn causes changes in their workflow habits. This takes time away from their day and can cost a company a great deal of money over time. We can help strengthen your network so you do not have to think about it; you have it and know that it is working. Give us a call; we are happy to discuss your network and any changes or problems you may have currently.

Service Agreements

Service agreements are a must for businesses requiring technology support on a regular basis but are unable or unwilling to have a full time IT person on staff. This is where MIS Solutions comes in. We can provide the technical staff you need to keep your business up and running - at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time person. In addition, you have access to our staff's extensive experience, whereas a single on-staff IT person may have limited expertise or only specialize in one area of technology. At MIS Solutions, we are happy to explain options and the costs involved to have experienced technical staff available at only a fraction of the price.

Cloud Services (Public & Private)

Cloud Services has become a very voluminous term used these day to encompass a wide range of products and system. At MIS Solutions we can help you navigate those options and help you decide the option that serves your needs best. Whether you are interested in building you own private cloud or utilize a public cloud provider we are happy to help you work through those decisions.

Cloud Server Services

Cloud Server Services ensures your business applications achieve their fullest potential because it is designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs. Cloud Server ensures value by letting you find the perfect balance between configurability, scalability and price. At MIS Solutions we can help you plan and implement a cloud server solution. We are happy to help you work through this type of task and answer any questions you may have about moving to this type of a platform.

Cloud Desktop Service (DaaS)

MIS Solutions cloud-based virtual desktop solutions can help enterprises address the challenges of desktop administration and management, delivered through a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model. MIS Solutions’s MISCloud® DaaS cloud desktop services offer enhanced flexibility and control over resource provisioning and end-user applications.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services has become a very common and easy to use system for the small business user. At MIS Solutions we can help you migrate to a hosted Microsoft Office 365 platform. Migration is usually an easy process with little effort on the part of the end users. We are happy to help you work through this type of task and answer any questions you may have about moving to this type of a platform.

Microsoft Office 365 Managed Onboarding

MIS Solutions structures onboarding programs to address the distinct and often complex needs of today’s modern organizations. MIS Solutions has well-established, effective standards for both pure play cloud-only customers and for those with on-premise or Azure cloud Active Directory requirements.

Enterprise Mobility Management

For enterprises requiring secure, unimpeded communications among their workforce, NaviSite offers Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities powered by AirWatch® by VMware®.

Cloud VoIP Phone Services

Cloud VoIP Phone Services has become a very via option for small business user allowing them to gain the features of a larger on-premise phone system but at a lower monthly per phone cost. At MIS Solutions we can help you implement to a hosted VoIP Phone solution. Migration is usually an easy process with little effort on the part of the end users. We are happy to help you work through this type of task and answer any questions you may have about moving to this type of a platform.

Hosting Services

A website is an important tool for your business to communicate your message to the world. A website enables you to reach more clients with less effort than with current sales strategies, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In today's world, your company's Web presence is as important as a listing in the phone book. The Internet is often the first place potential customers turn to find information. Unlike a phone book, however, an Internet presence allows you to reach customers anywhere in the world, providing greater information, immediacy and impact. That is, assuming they can reach you!

When your competitors are just a click away, the accessibility of your site, and the speed at which it loads, are crucial to your business's online success.

MIS Solutions understands the importance of your company's Web presence. For that reason, MIS Solutions uses the latest server hardware, software and applications to ensure that your site is fast, reliable and secure. Couple web hosting with our email hosting and web design services and you have a winning solution.

MIS Solutions' web hosting customers have access to standard and advanced Web hosting solutions like ASP, PHP, CGI scripting, database support and much more. MIS Solutions hosts sites on the Windows NT platforms.

Software/Database Development Services

If you find your current applications or database system is not meeting your needs we can extend or replace existing systems with custom programming. We can give you several option on how to fix, augment or replace your existing system with a fully customized or a hybrid of off-the-shelf and custom designed software solutions. We specialize in database driven systems for a multitude of industries and applications based on the following technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Basic.NET

Email Hosting Services

Email is a tool that is becoming increasingly important in business - in some cases more convenient than voicemail. Branded email ( is just another way to make your name noticeable to your customers. Our business email hosting provides an unlimited number of email accounts and the ability to manage those accounts from a web-based interface making it incredibly easy to keep everything up to date. In addition, clients receive our expert help with any problems with any accounts. Couple our Email Hosting with our web hosting and web design services and you have a winning solution.

Website Design Services

Your website speaks volumes about your business. Let us be the company to help you find your voice on the Internet. Many factors make a good technical web site, but the most important is to have a web site that is dynamic, professional and will capture the attention of your prospective clients.

The web is a visual medium and as such is perfect for advertising products and services alike. There is no limit to the photographs and graphics you can use, but quality is important. Too much and the viewer becomes bored; not enough and they become frustrated. A clean, quick loading, easy to follow and informative web site will win every time.

At MIS Solutions, we create sites to suit our clients' business and take the time to discuss the requirements of both you and your clients. We pay close attention to detail, and we take great pride in our work. As a team, we are constantly moving forward to enable us to build our clients a site that conforms to the W3C standards and is viewable on all browsers. Combine our Website Design Services with our web hosting and email hosting services and you have a winning solution.

We never consider a site complete until we are satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until you are satisfied!

Network Monitoring Services

With the availability of your network being crucial to your business, we at MIS Solutions have developed our network monitoring services. We are able to monitor all the crucial information about your network and servers and have it reported back to us so we can take the appropriate action. We make sure your network is available to you when you need it.

Live Network Monitor

We can monitor your network from our NOC (Network Operations Center) giving you the peace-on-mind that your network will be watched 24x7 by our automated system. In the event a problem does occur you'll know one of our network personnel will be notified immediately so you can continue doing business. We are able to monitor all of the business critical services on your network through the use of our monitoring system. With a very simple approach "Green is Good" and "Red is Bad" our monitoring system allows us to determine where the problem lies very quickly.

Network Surveillance

Through the use of network surveillance solutions you are able to securely and invisible monitor the activities of all the users on you network. There are four main components that work together to create a seamless monitoring and surveillance solution:

  • Recorder: The core component is the Recorder. The Recorder will automatically capture and record all PC and Internet activity, including: Emails sent & received; Web Based Email Services such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc...; Web Site Browsing; Chat and Instant Message Conversations; Keystrokes typed; Applications launched and continually takes screen Snapshots of the PC much like a surveillance video system. The Recorder is remotely installed and managed on client PCs over your Windows network.
  • Control Center: The Control Center is your one-stop tool for installing, configuring and reviewing the recordings of your networked PC's. You never have to leave your desk to monitor the PC and Internet activity of your employees PCs.
  • Data Vault (usage is optional): The Data Vault is the centralized secure data storage location for archiving all individual PC recordings. The Data Vault collects and organizes the recordings from individual computers to allow for further review by the appropriate personnel.
  • Viewer: The Viewer provides a streamlined user interface that makes reviewing the recordings a breeze. The recordings are organized under tabs labeled by activity: Email, Chat/IM, Keystrokes, Web Surfing, Program Activity and Snapshots. The Viewer also allows you to search for a specific word or phrase within the recorded data.

Project Consultation

One the many services we provide to our customers is project consultation. We look at the overview of a project, make recommendations, and provide advice on how to proceed. Many large companies with in-house IT staff use our Project Consultation services for large projects where their current staff may not be adequately experienced to accomplish the project.

Project Consultation involves the initial feasibility study and analysis, and planning phases for both short and long-range information system and program application projects scheduled for development by Information Systems Services. The Project Consultant collects data, studies personnel and operations, and prepares recommendations regarding the feasibility of automating information systems or program applications; and develops the management level planning documents which detail the overall scope of the project. The Project Consultant is also responsible for identifying, through consultation with managers and users, information processing problem areas that may be resolved or improved by automation solutions. The Systems Project Consultant assists the Information Systems Director and the Information Systems Services Manager in preparing the budget for Information Technology Resources by estimating costs of proposed systems and applications programs and additional personnel needs, and developing budget issues based on those estimated costs. The Systems Project Consultant also prepares, monitors, evaluates, and administers grants and automation contracts. Work is performed under limited supervision of the Information Systems Services Manager.

Repair & Upgrade Services

If you have problems with the equipment in your home or business, we at MIS Solutions possess 30 years of experience in diagnosing the wide range of problems that can occur with today's technology equipment. We are fully capable of repairing any equipment (excluding printer).

On the other hand, it may be necessary, in under some circumstances, to upgrade your equipment instead of repairing it due to cost or component availability. We can discuss all options and explain the differences in detail. If you decide to upgrade, we can provide new equipment such as PC's, laptops, servers or network equipment. You will know experienced professionals are installing it.


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