Email Continuity and Threat Protection

MIS Solutions’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, powered by Microsoft and enhanced by MIS Solutions and industry-leading service partner Proofpoint, works to elevate the standards for end-user operations and business competency. By including solutions for uninterupted and secure email activities, modern organizations can seamlessly communicate during potential unplanned downtime of the Office 365 productivity suite without compromising data security or deminishing the user experience. 

All Managed Office 365 bundles include:

  • Office 365 plans to suit your needs
  • 24x7 help desk and direct escalation to Microsoft Premiere Support
  • Real-time live event monitoring of the Office 365 environment
  • Email Continuity, Email Hygiene and Threat Protection solutions from Proofpoint

Protecting Email Data by Safeguarding the User

Today's landscape of potentially harmful and malicious email content is diverse, rapidly evolving to target weaknesses in email communications standards. Yet the greatest threat may not necessarily exist within the code of correspondence entering the inbox of your workforce. Often, attackers target organizations at one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities within a business: the end-users.

Exploits become realized when users take action; clicking unprotected links, transmitting sensitive data, and opening attachments expose the organization to risk. Common tactics, like phishing schemes and ransomware, rely on the user. While Microsoft's Office 365 enables a workforce with a wealth of communications and collaborations resources, it requires the initiative of providers like MIS Solutions and Proofpoint to strengthen security measures and safeguard employees.

With MIS Solutions, all Managed Office 365 bundles will receive Proofpoint services, including:

  • Email Continuity - 30-Day Instant Replay
  • Inbound and Outbound Filtering
  • Zero-hour Threat Detection
  • Signature-based Anti Virus
  • Spam Filtering
  • Reporting

Additional services are available in advanced tiers of service, which offer URL Defense, Attachment Defense, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Email Encryption.

How Does Email Continuity Work?

Email Continuity Diagram from MIS Solutions and Proofpoint for Managed Office 365

Email continuity from MIS Solutions and Proofpoint is offered standard with every level of Managed Office 365 service, in the form of an Emergency Inbox.

In the event of unplanned downtime of your Microsoft Office 365 environment, users can  sign in directly to the Proofpoint portal using their Office 365 credentials, immediately accessing Proofpoint's secure Emergency Inbox. Now, your workforce can continue to send, receive, forward, attach files to emails and more without impediment to productivity. 

  • Emergency Inbox - provides 30-day rolling email view
  • Automated Spooling - ensures always-on email cataloging
  • Automated Restoration - provides no-touch primary mail recovery
  • Instant Replay - enables redelivery of lost or deleted emails

Service Options to Address Your Needs

MIS Solutions and Proofpoint offer multiple service tiers to target your distinct security and email integrity requirements. View the table below to explore your options.

Proofpoint service bundles for MIS Solutions's Managed Office 365


Subject to change without notice. Not all services are available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.