Managed Hosting

MIS Solutions offers a rich portfolio of Managed Hosting solutions designed to enable rapid resource and hardware provisioning and  expert management of your physical environment, network, hardware and operating system (OS). MIS Solutions can manage virtual servers, physical servers and virtual/physical hybrid solutions from data centers on both coasts of the US.

Key Managed Hosting Benefits

Managed Hosting can provide diverse benefits, ranging from faster provisioning and server consolidation to requiring less physical space and built-in support for business continuity. Some of the key benefits are outlined below...

  • Works to Reduce Start-Up Costs- Pay-as-you-go, instead of an upfront purchase.
  • Enhances Flexibility- Decreases time-to-value and makes scaling easier.
  • Frees Internal IT Resources- Allows internal IT to focus on strategic objectives.
  • Improves Availability and Performance- MIS Solutions’s SLAs guarantee availability and performance.
  • Mitigates Total Cost of Ownership- Reduces electricity, space and staffing expenses.

Choosing the Correct Server Configuration

MIS Solutions's team of experts can help you select from...

  • Virtual Servers- Best for enterprises that need greater transparency and alignment in revenue vs. technology investment.
  • Dedicated Servers- Ideal for enterprises with complex applications and databases, sensitive information, high-traffic online presence or specific audit or regulatory concerns.
  • Hybrid- Combining physical and virtual servers can allow customers to leverage the benefits of both configurations.

A Closer Look at MIS Solutions Managed Hosting

While every Managed Hosting engagement is unique, you can access more in-depth information about some of the most commonly used MIS Solutions Managed Hosting components via the links below…