Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite

MIS Solutions Managed Office 365Maintaining high levels of productivity is paramount for modern businesses. End-users must be well-equipped with the tools necessary to accomplish daily tasks and to generate critical deliverables. Data must be accessible and secure at all times, ready to drive strategic decisions and to spur innovation. Working teams must be able to collaborate without impediment. 

These requirements are complicated by mobility and a diverse marketplace for endpoint devices. Individuals continue to depend on untethered access to, and device-agnostic delivery of, critical resources. IT teams must support this demanding landscape, and business leaders must plan for the roadblocks that have emerged from the desktop-centric delivery of traditional productivity tools.

MIS Solutions’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, powered by Microsoft and enhanced with email security partner Proofpoint, combines the benefits of increased

 mobility, enhanced productivity capabilities, and real-time collaboration that come with Microsoft Office 365 with MIS Solutions’s rapid, dedicated support, powerful Email Continuity and Threat Protection solutions, and efficient onboarding services to help simplify your move to the Cloud and to seamlessly manage your IT implementation. 

24x7 Technical Support

MIS Solutions provides dedicated 24x7 administrative and end-user technical support from trained experts. Committed, accelerated response times and a direct escalation path to Microsoft help to mitigate the barriers to resolution. MIS Solutions’s real-time health check monitoring gives your IT teams valuable insight into the performance and integrity of critical application environments.    

Onboarding with Migration and Provisioning

MIS Solutions offers onboarding services with Managed Provisioning and Managed Migration. Our team provides a white glove experience with our managed email data-migration service; MIS Solutions will manage the migration of your email data from various data sources, including Exchange 2003+, Domino, IMAP, POP3, Groupwize, Gmail and more.

Broad Portfolio 

MIS Solutions has a broad, powerful portfolio of services and solutions spanning multiple business needs. Organizations can more easily virtualize end-user workstations with Desktop-as-a-Service. IT teams can quickly spin-up compute environments with an award-winning cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. And leverage the managed services essential to delivering the uptime and security required by modern businesses.

Deep Managed Collaboration Expertise

Through MIS Solutions’s Managed Collaboration Suite, we have been providing hosted and hybrid email and collaboration for our customers for more than 15 years. The addition of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite complements our existing portfolio, enabling businesses to rely on, and to benefit from, our deep expertise.

Email Continuity, Hygiene, and Threat Protection

MIS Solutions and Proofpoint service tiersSecure, uninterrupted communications is a vital component to an organization's daily success. Modern businesses must be able to confide in service partners, trusting that when their Office 365 environment experiences downtime, their workforce can continue to communicate seamlessly without detriment to productivity or compromising security standards. MIS Solutions and industry-leading email security partner Proofpoint work in concert to deliver solutions for Managed Office 365 which enhance Microsoft's collaboration suite. 

All of MIS Solutions's Managed Office 365 service bundles include:

  • Email Continuity with 30-day Instant Replay
  • Inbound and Outbound Filtering
  • Zero-hour Threat Detection
  • Signature-based Anti-virus
  • Spam Filtering
  • Reporting
  • Add-on options available for URL Defense, Attachment Defense, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Email Encryption

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Productivity Solutions for a Virtualized Workforce

By placing IT infrastructures in secure data centers, businesses can deliver enhanced resiliency and availability for critical resources, shifting the burden of infrastructure management away from internal teams. Many organizations are turning to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions to ease the burden of one of the most complex components of an IT team’s toolkit; end-user desktop resources.

Inevitably, organizations virtualizing desktop resources must strategize a means to enable the workforce with the applications they require to be productive, such as those included in Microsoft’s Office suite. MIS Solutions works to simplify the process with its Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, powered by Microsoft. 
MISCloud DaaS and MIS Solutions’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite can work in concert to help simplify IT’s role in enabling a productive mobile workforce with one destination for service and support.

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Secure Mobility for a Productive Workforce

Many modern organizations are quickly discovering that cloud delivery of daily-use applications, like those constituent of Microsoft Office, is poised to fundamentally raise the bar for workforce productivity. High availability, device-agnostic delivery of critical resources, and enhanced centralized control can all benefit organizations taking office apps to the cloud. 
There are, however, challenges which IT teams must be equipped to address. Vulnerable endpoint devices, a distinct lack of insight into mobile operations, compliance standards and cumbersome provisioning processes can establish a notable amount of concern.

MIS Solutions’s solution for productive mobility aligns essential controls and settings within the hands of your organization’s IT teams and administrators. Easily establish application-level settings, permissions, and provision resources within the Office 365 productivity suite. Then extend and enhance security and policy standards beyond the application suite, to the endpoint device, and user accounts with comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities, powered by AirWatch by VMware®.

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